Using Atom to encode XML files

Written by Axelle Janiak, version 1 (2020-05-14)

If you want to use Atom to edit XML files, you will need to add new packages that are not among the core packages that you get by default while installing the editor.


Once you have installed Atom, go in your toolbar to the settings or Atom > preferences..., depending on your computer. In the opening settings, go to the tab +install at the bottom of the left panel.

install tag

Search the name of packages, see the list of possibilities in the following sections. Once it has found the package, click on install and agree to each dependency installation request.

search and install a package

It is also possible to install the packages from the Atom website. install from a website

Necessary packages to encode

You will need the following packages to be able to work:

Optional packages to encode

Use from the right Click

This will insert <p>...</p> around the selected text. You can then write the name of the tag you want in stead of <p> and make use of autocomplete.

Optional packages for Academic writing

Optional packages for Latex convinced