Controlled vocabularies for artefact

The following tables are presenting the terms and the hierarchy between concepts used to describe some specificities of the artefact. Each table is presenting the values without diacritics and their display with diacritics. All the terms are registered in OpenTheso and a URI has been attributed for each.


Level 1 - VALUES Level 1 - DISPLAY Level 2 - VALUES Level 2 - DISPLAY Level 2 - VALUES Level 3 - DISPLAY
metal Metal        
metal Metal copper_alloy Copper alloy    
metal Metal gold Gold    
metal Metal iron/steel Iron/steel    
metal Metal lead lead    
metal Metal other_metal Other metal    
metal Metal silver Silver    
metal Metal tin Tin    
mineral-based Mineral-based        
mineral-based Mineral-based clay Clay    
mineral-based Mineral-based glass Glass    
mineral-based Mineral-based stucco Stucco    
mineral-based Mineral-based terracotta Terracotta    
modern_material Modern material        
modern_material Modern material paper Paper    
modern_material Modern material plaster Plaster    
modern_material Modern material resin Resin    
modern_material Modern material wax Wax    
organic Organic        
organic Organic bone Bone    
organic Organic horn Horn    
organic Organic wood Wood    
stone Stone        
stone Stone andesite Andesite    
stone Stone basalt Basalt    
stone Stone granite Granite    
stone Stone laterite Laterite    
stone Stone limestone Limestone    
stone Stone marble Marble    
stone Stone precious_stone Precious stone    
stone Stone sandstone Sandstone    
stone Stone schist Schist    
stone Stone semi-precious_stone Semi-precious stone    
stone Stone semi-precious_stone Semi-precious stone agate Agate
stone Stone semi-precious_stone Semi-precious stone carnelian Carnelian
stone Stone semi-precious_stone Semi-precious stone lapis_lazuli Lapis lazuli
stone Stone semi-precious_stone Semi-precious stone quartz Quartz
stone Stone steatite Steatite    
stone Stone tufa Tufa    
unknown Unknown        

Artefact type

Level 1 - VALUES Level 1 - DISPLAY Level 2 - VALUES Level 2 - DISPLAY Level 2 - VALUES Level 3 - DISPLAY
architectural_element architectural element        
architectural_element architectural element base base    
architectural_element architectural element block block    
architectural_element architectural element brick brick    
architectural_element architectural element column column    
architectural_element architectural element doorjamb doorjamb    
architectural_element architectural element doorstep doorstep    
architectural_element architectural element lintel lintel    
architectural_element architectural element pilaster pilaster    
architectural_element architectural element railing_coping railing coping    
architectural_element architectural element railing_crossbar railing crossbar    
architectural_element architectural element railing_post railing post    
architectural_element architectural element slab slab    
architectural_element architectural element wall wall    
documentary documentary        
documentary documentary foil foil    
documentary documentary foundation_deposit foundation deposit    
documentary documentary plate_(copper-plate) plate (copper-plate)    
documentary documentary seal seal    
documentary documentary seal seal cylinder_seal cylinder seal
documentary documentary seal_impression seal impression    
jewellery jewellery        
jewellery jewellery amulet amulet    
jewellery jewellery bead bead    
jewellery jewellery ring ring    
monument monument        
monument monument gravestone gravestone    
monument monument menhir menhir    
monument monument miniature_stupa miniature stupa    
monument monument pillar pillar    
monument monument ring_stone ring stone    
monument monument stele stele    
monument monument tablet tablet    
natural_object natural object        
natural_object natural object boulder boulder    
natural_object natural object cliff_face cliff face    
natural_object natural object river_stone river stone    
sculpture sculpture        
sculpture sculpture statue statue    
sculpture sculpture statue_base statue base    
sculpture sculpture relief relief    
unknown unknown        
utensil utensil        
utensil utensil bowl bowl    
utensil utensil chalice chalice    
utensil utensil cup cup    
utensil utensil grinding_stone grinding stone    
utensil utensil kendi kendi    
utensil utensil plate plate    
utensil utensil potsherd potsherd    
utensil utensil tool tool    
utensil utensil tripod tripod    

Sealing technique

Level 1 - VALUES Level 1 - DISPLAY
not_applicable not applicable
other_sealing_technique other sealing technique
seal_on_binding_ring seal on binding ring
seal_on_body_of_plate seal on body of plate
seal_on_other_seal seal on other seal
seal_on_plate_projection seal on plate projection
seal-like_engraving_into_artefact seal-like engraving into artefact